About Us

The Hoopers Island Oyster Company was created to produce and market high quality half-shell oysters and the equipment to support the aquaculture industry in Maryland. Through thorough research, we have successfully built equipment and designed systems that leverage traditional methods of the Maryland waterman. The development of a new oyster industry that parallels the existing public fishery will re-establish a healthy balance within the oyster fishery and create a sustainable seafood industry. 

That is very important to today’s consumer. We, as a society, have played a role in the deterioration of the Chesapeake Bay and we must all work to improve its overall quality. Through the development of oyster aquaculture, the Maryland waterman will be seen as contributors to the ecological recovery of the Bay. These new approaches will be the first of many steps forward in the revitalization of the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland's seafood industry.


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